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Wednesday Brief

"Pelosi's meeting with Dems, Trump team in court, sunscreen safety: 5 things you need to know Wednesday" - USA Today

As per usual there is quite a lot happening in the world of politics. So, today I wanted to go over a few of the more pressing stories from USA Today:

*Pelosi- "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is set to hold a meeting Wednesday to discuss oversight and investigations." I believe she is still a "no" on impeachment currently, but I've been reading a lot about the growing Democratic interest in pursuing that path. It seems it's more about timing than anything, and she's trying to gather the bipartisan support we would need to see it all the way through.

*DJT- "President Donald Trump's lawyers are set for a Wednesday court hearing aimed at blocking two congressional committees from obtaining years of private financial records for him, his family and his companies." This is a necessary venture. He is OBVIOUSLY a criminal and knows that if his tax records as well as his business dealings came out into the open, he would be royally screwed.

*Sunscreen- "Sunscreens on the market today may be providing inferior sun protection or contain potentially harmful chemicals, an environmental advocacy organization says. In a new 2019 review of more than 1,300 products with SPF in them, the

Environmental Working Group  found that about two-thirds did not meet its standard for protection or chemical safety." I've been on a kick to remove most products I use on my skin/hair that have harmful chemicals. I have also used EWG.org as a source for information about which are the best products to use. So, I would take a look if you're interested in getting toxic chemicals out of your daily routine. Sunscreen included!

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