• Lindsey Ashlen

I Wish Women Were Viewed As People

"Alabama senators delay abortion ban vote as shouts break out" - PBS

Alabama lawmakers on Thursday postponed a vote on a proposed abortion ban after anger erupted in the state Senate when some Republicans stripped exceptions for rape and incest from the bill.
Shouting broke out in the Senate when the exemption for rape and incest was removed from the bill, which would make performing an abortion at any stage of pregnancy a felony, without a roll call vote.
Democrats and at least one Republican objected to the motion being quickly gaveled through on what they said was an important exception to the proposed abortion ban.

HOW is it legal to take women's bodies hostage to do something they DO NOT WANT OR CANNOT AFFORD TO DO?! THIS IS NOT OKAY!!! I am LIVID.

(Cover Photo Cred: Mickey Welsh)

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