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Vote on Shutdown & Michael Cohen

Today there's going to be a vote on whether or not the shutdown will continue. Unfortunately, there are two competing resolutions being set forth... a Republican "solution" that includes funding for the unnecessary wall and the Democratic solution that just says, let's open/fund the government without wall funding for now and essentially get the federal workers paid... then we can talk about this in a couple of weeks. I predict the vote will be along party lines, which is *so* unfortunate. But, we shall see!

👇***!Live-stream link to Shutdown Vote!***👇


In the meantime, I read this Vox article this morning explaining what's been going on with the Michael Cohen testimony. I know there has been some potentially false information put out recently. It's a very interesting read and I fully recommend checking it out for a little more clarity on the matter! 👇 "Michael Cohen’s claim that President Trump is threatening his family, explained" - Vox

Wednesday’s developments:
*Cohen attorney Lanny Davis announced that “due to ongoing threats against his family from President Trump and Mr. Giuliani” as well as “Mr. Cohen’s continued cooperation with ongoing investigations,” Cohen’s appearance before the committee “will be postponed.”
*Chairs Cummings and Schiff responded by saying that while they “understand” Cohen’s concerns, his “not appearing before Congress was never an option.” They added: “We will not let the President’s tactics prevent Congress from fulfilling our constitutionally mandated oversight responsibilities.”
*President Trump, asked at the White House whether he had threatened Cohen’s family, responded: “He’s only been threatened by the truth.”

(Cover Photo Cred: Corey Sipkin)

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