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Tuesday Briefing

Y'all I have a confession: It is tiring to keep up with everything that is happening right now. I've posted about some of them, but I have not even scratched the surface! I'm just trying to touch on the happenings that I believe to be the most important of the day. But, I think I'm doing a disservice to all the events that are

Luckily, today I have a little help with this NYT article:

Brexit, Steve King, Carol Channing: Your Tuesday Briefing

It is a quick recap on what is happening today with links to a more in depth story for you to read if you'd like to find out more!

Quick comment, though...

*The Shutdown is STILL going on and is STILL the work of a child throwing a tantrum who has no grasp on the hardship it's causing so many Americans.

*Steve King is a white supremacist piece of crap who needs to have more than a few committees taken away from him.

*I cannot believe we are allocating our active-duty troops to the border, when there is NO THREAT!!

*VERY happy about the 131 women who are now serving in both chambers of Congress as of this month! #ThePresentIsFemale

*Brexit... Oof.

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