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Sworn in, Shutdown.

Yasss queen!! (Photo Cred: Corey Torpie)

Speaker Pelosi was voted on and sworn in yesterday, along with MY badass representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!! VERY happy and excited for the new House members to be officially sworn in. Unfortunately, there's a large downer on the whole thing because the government has been partially shutdown since December 22nd....

Today I read a Washington Post article about how DJT is throwing so much of a temper tantrum over his unnecessary and ineffective wall that he would continue to have the government shutdown for "months or even years".... This is disgusting and ridiculous. People who are living paycheck to paycheck are not being paid. Most people are still working for no money, because shit HAS to get done or our country would collapse. What is even more ridiculous is that one of the departments shutdown during this time is homeland security.... is that not contrary to the point you're *attempting* to make? Isn't this wall meant to "secure" our country? How does one justify closing the agency that protects the country from foreign threats in order to gain funding for a wall that EVERYONE knows will not affect border security. It would be a complete waste of money. Money that could be MUCH better spent investing in the American people. No matter what side of the isle you're on spending 5 billion dollars on education, infrastructure, healthcare, veteran support programs, raising the minimum wage to a livable amount, etc. would be an EXTRAORDINARILY more productive use of those funds. I truly don't understand how republicans don't understand that investing in the people of our country makes us exponentially more powerful and effective as a nation! But, I digress... he needs to get his shit together. There was a *bipartisan* resolution proposed and voted on that he vetoed. This shutdown is all on him. The Democrats should not give in.

WP Article here

(Trump threatens years-long shutdown for his wall as GOP support begins to fracture)

NYT Article

(What Is and Isn’t Affected by the Government Shutdown)

I also got to listen to the latest "Pod Save America" episode while on a run today. It was a longer episode than usual, but it was full of a lot of good stuff (I always like to listen to podcasts at time-and-a-half speed so I can absorb as much info as possible in the short stints of time I have available). They touch a lot on the shutdown and give some wonderful insight on what's going on and why. and a few other topics like: *The proposed added PayGo provision (which requires that new spending be offset by matching cuts or increases in revenue.)

*Elizabeth Warren's announcement that she's running for president in 2020

*Mit Romney's uesless oped

* Awesome interview with Pramila Jayapal (American politician and activist from the State of Washington who's a representative in the House)

PSA Episode here

(Shutdown for What?)

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