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Power, Lies, & False Emergencies

     On the docket today... this Washington Post article (The Wall Has Become the Symbol of the Trump Presidency and His Credibility) detailing a crazy plan, so many falsehoods, and a plea (from me) to open up your eyes if you haven't already.

“The administration is laying the groundwork for Trump to possibly declare a “national emergency” that would empower him to construct a border wall without congressional approval. “Trump increasingly views a national emergency declaration as a viable, if risky, way for him to build a portion of his long-promised barrier, according to senior administration officials,” Bob Costa and Phil Rucker report. “Such a move would be a fraught act of brinkmanship at the dawn of a newly divided government. … But Trump believes forcing a drastic reckoning by executive action may be necessary given the Democratic resistance and the wall’s symbolic power for his core voters. ...“

     This. Is. Terrifying. He’s pushing limits. He trying to see how far he can bend democracy and we cannot allow it!! I hope, more than anything, the checks and balances the founding fathers put into the governing documents will protect us from such a flagrant move that will only embolden our demagogue-in-chief to run further toward authoritarianism.

     I sincerely hope people see that he is just trying to prove how “strong” he is... however, he’s ultimately showing the American people (who don’t know already) that he is a sad, insecure little boy who has never heard the word no, who has NO idea how to run a successful government/country, and couldn’t lead if his life depended on it. If he cared about anyone other than himself he *might* have a shot, but he doesn’t. He has never cared about anything/anyone but himself in his entire life.

     In addition, this article also brings to light the very real, very continual crisis of the lies DJT tells on an daily basis:

“Through the end of 2018, The Washington Post Fact Checker team documented 7,645 false or misleading claims made by Trump since taking office. Of those, 1,130 were about immigration. Claims about foreign policy and trade tied for second, with 822 claims, followed by claims about the economy (768).”

     What is actually scary is that there are still people out there who will believe ANYTHING he says. Instead of taking 5-10 minutes to do some research or even a quick google search, they are trusting that he has some secret knowledge and that the main stream media is too dumb or too left-leaning to give him a chance.... This just isn’t true. He is selfish and hateful and, (most importantly) he is apathetic to the needs of anyone who isn’t him or exactly like him. (A fact I will never not take the chance to point out.)

Bringing this post back to the point of the article.... This power play is *not* about border security, it's about ego. There are ways to more efficiently secure our border or to streamline our immigration policies. A wall is not a valid solution.

   I will not be turning into anything he has to say today.

   I’ll leave you with this quote from the Pope...

-- At the Vatican yesterday, Pope Francis invoked the Berlin Wall and “the painful division of Europe” during the Cold War as he pleaded with Christians around the world to stand unified against the “temptation to erect new curtains.”

Agreed, Pope. Agreed.

(Cover Photo Cred: Mike Segar)

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