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"Power grab" πŸ™„

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

"Mitch McConnell: making Election Day a federal holiday is a Democratic β€œpower grab"- Vox

He’s saying that making Election Day a federal holiday would result in unfavorable election outcomes for Republicans. More to the point, he’s saying that the more people vote, the worse it is for his party.
As John Sides, a political scientist with George Washington University, explained in the Washington Post in 2015, even β€œif everyone voted, a lot would be the same.”
That said, voter suppression tactics, like cutting down voting hours or the number of polling stations, or purging voter rolls, do disproportionately impact minority and Democratic voters, as Vox’s German Lopez explained.

If Americans exercising their right to vote scares you into thinking your party isn't going to win... doesn't that mean that the majority of Americans don't want what your party is selling? ALSO, this is what the actions of the Republican party have been showing over the past 5 years, but blatantly saying it out loud is insane. But, it leaves no doubt about where they stand.

They are always so quick to cry "voter fraud" and to say that people are illegally voting (even when there is minuscule evidence that happens). But really, when there is ACTUAL voter fraud it is 99% the Republican party trying to limit low income Americans and people of color from voting by typical voter suppression tactics: removing close-by polling stations, not maintaining certain polling machines, requiring specific ID, long lines, actually changing votes as they are entered to their candidate (that happened during the past midterm elections), OR not giving Americans the day off so if they leave their jobs to go vote they may get fired. It's blatant and disgusting and it needs to stop.

Let's start positive forward movement by, at the very least, making Election Day a national holiday to give as many Americans the ability to vote as possible!

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