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Notre Dame Strong πŸ’ͺ❀️

"Fire out, treasures intact but work ahead for Notre Dame" - The Associated Press


β€œThe entire fire is out,” declared Paris firefighters’ spokesman Gabriel Plus, adding that workers were β€œsurveying the movement of structures and extinguishing smoldering residues.”
β€œThe task is β€” now the risk of fire has been put aside β€” about the building, how the structure will resist,” said Junior Interior Minister Laurent Nunez in front of the cathedral.

This was such a heart-breaking event to watch yesterday. Notre Dame has been the heart of Paris for centuries and now it's going to need even more restoration. It seems that there are wealthy donors already willing to contribute to the restoration because they, as most residents do, believe it will help the city heal and grow from this unfortunate event!

Officials consider the fire an accident, possibly as a result of the restoration work at the global architectural treasure.
Paris prosecutor Remy Heitz said the investigation would be β€œlong and complex.” Fifty investigators were working on the probe, he said, and would be interviewing workers from five companies hired to work on renovations to the cathedral’s roof, where the flames first broke out.
Heitz said an initial fire alert was sounded at 6:20 p.m. Monday but no fire was found. The second alert was sounded at 6:43 p.m. and a blaze was discovered in the roofing at that point.
Photo of Notre Dame from my trip to Paris in June of 2014

(Cover Photo Cred: Dominique Bichon)

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