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New Year, New Endeavors!

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

I've recently chosen to remove myself from Facebook! A scary, but necessary move for me. But, I've been struggling with feeling like my voice has been taken away along with it. I was humbled and heartened to hear so many people say they would miss my posts or folks who thanked me for bringing awareness to certain subjects. So, I want to still have a place to do that. Part of my departing status was about leaving to discover new opportunities and to be of service to make a positive change... not 100% sure how just yet, but I'd like to start here! Here I will continue to share my thoughts about the goings on in the world, post articles I think are important, support badass artists, maybe post a few cat pictures? Who knows? The possibilities are endless! I hope you'll join me in trying to create a space to make a difference, to make some art, and to make the world a kinder, more informed place!

Tonight I'll leave you with an excerpt from my final Facebook post:

"Facebook has been such an incredible platform to share articles and speak my mind and interact and debate and try to make a difference... But, it has also been the seed of why misinformation keeps spreading. And if you don’t care to know the difference between fact and fiction it is a breeding ground for hatred and demonization against the “other”. Against people who aren’t exactly like you, but who might need just an ounce of empathy and kindness. ❤️

Have the MOST Happy New Year, friends!! Let’s all do our very best to care about people who aren’t us. Let’s endeavor to work toward the good of the many instead of our personal wants. Let’s strive to make everybody free to live the lives they choose to/were born to live."

PS: Here's my cat! The madness is beginning!

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