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Mitch McConnell = Useless

Good morning, friends!

The shutdown continues... I feel so bad for the people and families affected. I'm also not looking forward to the negative affects on the economy when this period of time is over. McConnell can end it TODAY. But, he will not. This is an article I read that is definitely biased to the left, but it gets the facts across:

"Mitch McConnell has the power to shut down the shutdown: So why isn't he?" -Salon

McConnell could take swift action to box Trump in and stop this shutdown by calling a vote on the House bill to end the shutdown, a bill that the Senate already passed in December with a voice vote. Not only would that bill likely pass, it  might, as Sherrilyn Ifill of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund argued on Twitter, have enough votes to be veto-proof.

This is not the source I wanted to post, but unfortunately my Washington Post monthly allotment of articles is out (I should definitely just pay for a subscription). Also, if you don't have a subscription as well, you will not be able to read the articles I'm posting either!

I fully recommend listening to the most recent episode of Pod Save America,

(Deleted Scenes From Helsinki). The episode is a little over an hour, but worth every minute. As always, the guys of Crooked Media hit the nail on the head. This episode touches on:

*DJT's ties to Russia. Is he being controlled by Putin? Yes.

*The #TrumpShutdown

*2020 Candidates throwing their hats into the race. Good idea, or no?

*White supremacist Representative Steve King

(Cover Photo Cred: Alex Wong)

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