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Let's Investigate!

"Poll: Most Americans Want Democrats to investigate Trump"

According to the ABC/Post poll, Americans want to see this happen. Amid a government shutdown and border security gridlock, Republicans are appearing weaker and weaker. And scandals touching the White House, such as Roger Stone’s indictment last week, could also increase support for Democrats to hold the Trump administration accountable. Democrats would also politically benefit from investigations, making the party look like a united front, Nilsen reports.

Umm... yes. Definitely! I don't understand why *anyone* would be opposed to investigating the proposed crimes of someone who has credible allegations against them... ESPECIALLY if that human being is running our country!

The article also touches on potential impeachment. I am actually undecided about whether or not that is something I'm hoping will happen... Let's dig into that:

PROS to Impeachment:

*I fully believe DJT is a threat to our democracy and that he has a corrupt relationship with Russia.

*He has always been a corrupt "businessperson" who has filed for bankruptcy several times.

*He refuses to release his tax records.

*He lies every chances he gets.

*Nothing he does is for the good of anyone but himself and other rich people like himself.

*He is absolutely unfit to hold any sort of office, much less the highest position we have in this country.

CONS to Impeachment:

*Mike Pence. He is a frightening human who would have the entire support of Republican Congress without hesitation to enact his draconian policies against women, the LGBTQ+ community, and the line separating church and state.

Legit. Pence taking over the Presidency is such a large fear of mine that even though DJT is so dangerous and terrible and scary.... to a large part of the country he is a confirmed idiot and buffoon. To 99% of Congress he is an idiot who is not taken seriously. He has still technically been the most ineffective President we've had. Not to say he hasn't done major damage to the country, (One example being, he has given the alt-right and white supremacy faction of the US a voice and room to reassert themselves into the conversation of the country)... but his policies, for the most part, have failed. The disgusting tax bill passed because Paul Ryan hates poor people and the Republican party has wanted to give tax breaks to the rich since forever. SO, the idea of a President Pence *does* scare me quite a lot because I think he will be a lot more effective in getting terrible things done.

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