• Lindsey Ashlen

Just a Littttttle More Michael

"Michael Cohen returns to Hill on day he was supposed to report to prison"

His final day of Capitol Hill testimony, notably, comes in an even more heated environment than last week, after House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler announced Monday the start of a sweeping investigation into the President. House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings signaled after Cohen's public testimony that he wanted to interview Trump's eldest son Donald Trump Jr. and Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg, among others.
And the House Intelligence Committee has signaled interest in Weisselberg, while the panel's chairman Adam Schiff said the committee would hold a public hearing next week with Felix Sater, the Russian-born Trump business associate who worked with Cohen on the Trump Tower Moscow project.

If nothing else, his testimony has spurred more witnesses to interview to get to the bottom of all of the corruption! But, I think more than the Mueller investigation I am looking forward to all of the House Committee investigations and what their hearings turn up! I'm not sure the Mueller report will be made public. I also don't know how much new information it will reveal. When you obstruct justice in plain sight... you don't need a report to tell you about that. We already have it on video. Ya know what I mean?

Anyway, let's get these investigations moving! Please & Thank you!

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