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"Start your Monday smart: Oscars, North Korea, Cohen, US-China trade, Cuba votes, CPAC" - CNN

"5 things to know for February 25: Oscars, Venezuela, China, R. Kelly, plane crash" - CNN

Happy Monday! I think we're in need of a couple daily brief updates! It becomes more and more difficult to choose which topic is the MOST important... because they are all increasingly consequential. These CNN articles touch on the significant happenings of the day/week:

*Venezuela - Oof. "After a weekend of deadly violence, Venezuela's opposition leader and self-declared interim president Juan Guaido meets with US Vice President Mike Pence today in Bogota, Colombia."

*Cuba - They're voting on a new constitution! First change in the governing document since the Cold War-era. New features could be presidential term limits and the addition of a Prime Minister.

*Hidden Figures - "The legacy of Katherine Johnson -- of "Hidden Figures" fame -- will stay front and center now that NASA has renamed a facility to honor her."

*DJT/Kim Jong Un - "The US President [was] in Vietnam for a two-day meeting with Kim Jong Un. The leaders met last year and agreed to establish relations. But Pyongyang has changed little about its military capabilities, a top US commander says."

*China - "Trump said he'll delay US tariffs on China that were set to kick in Friday because the countries were making "substantial progress" in trade talks."

*Brexit - "It's one month until the United Kingdom is due to leave the European Union. But the exit is in chaos as Prime Minister Theresa May suffers defeat after defeat trying to square her plan with Parliament and EU officials."

Plenty more where these stories came from! For more info click the links!

!Podcast Recommendations!

These aren't new episodes, but if you wanted some more information about what's going on in Venezuela in two quick 20-ish minute packages, these are fantastic!!

"Venezuela's Two Presidents" - Today, Explained

"The Standoff Over Food and Power in Venezuela" - The Daily

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