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Here's a Brief! (and a PSA)

As per usual, there is SO MUCH going on. I sincerely hope you're out there reading everything you can on Flipboard, or Apple news, or whatever aggregating news source you frequent! I hope you're, if not ravenous for news and information, at least curious about what is going on in the country and in the world. It's imperative. And, y'all.... I KNOW it's exhausting. I know it's not the most uplifting venture. But it is SO important to cultivate a curiosity about what is going on. Because, whether you know it or not, you're going to be affected by the policies, the scandals, the attempts at breaking down democracy, the bipartisan bullshit, the international politics, etc. It will all affect you. The more you know, the more you can prepare. The more you can speak out. The more you can advocate for those who don't have the means or the voice. IT. IS. IMPORTANT. Please, keep yourselves informed beyond the articles/commentary I provide.... because even I cannot even begin to keep up with it all. I appreciate you and I want you to continue to grow and learn!

"Jacinda Ardern, Deutsche Bank, Utrecht: Your Tuesday Briefing" - NYT

NOW! Today's briefing from The NYT covers some snippets of a few of the goings on in the country/world. For more information on these tid-bits click the links within the Brief article:

*New Zealand- Prime minister Jacinda Ardern refuses to speak the name of the mass shooting perpetrator.

*Deutsche Bank- DJT's nefarious lending ties to the bank are rightfully being looked into.

*Medicare for All- Some moderate Democrats aren't on-board for single-payer healthcare.

*Midwest Floods- "The record flooding that has killed at least two people is also a dire economic blow to farmers and ranchers already weighed down by falling incomes, rising bankruptcies and the fallout from federal trade policies."

*AIDS- While a plan to end the epidemic is a fantastic step, "the group most at risk includes gay and bisexual black men and transgender women in the Deep South, and finding and educating them about the disease is rarely easy"

*New York Schools- Unfortunately, as progressive as we tout ourselves to be, we are one of the most segregated school systems in America. "Very few black students have been offered admission to the city's highly selective public high schools, adding pressure on officials to improve integration."

**PODCAST Recommendations** If you'd rather get your news audibly, these are short 20-ish minute episodes that give you a brief rundown of some of the important stories of the day/week:


*Today, Explained: Uh-Oh Trudeau

-Boeing 737

*Today, Explained: Boeing 737 Max

*The Daily: Two Crashes, a Single Jet: The Story of Boeing 737's Max

-New Zealand Mosque Attacks

*Today, Explained: A mass shooting, live-streamed

*The Daily: The Mosque Attacks in New Zealand

-College Bribing Scandal

*Today, Explained: Becky with the bad grades

*The Daily: Bribing Their Way Into College

-Medicare For All

*The Daily: How 'Medicare for All' Would Work (or Not Work)

(Cover Photo Cred: Hagen Hopkins)

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