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Ethically Challenged.

"Ethically challenged: Three scandals rock Trump administration in one day" - NBC

I mean, this is how every day feels, to be honest. There are ALWAYS multiple life-altering events/stories reported every day. I was struggling to decide what to post about today (that is most days for me).

* Trump asked his acting attorney general to put a Trump ally (the U.S. attorney in New York), in charge of the Michael Cohen investigation, according to the New York Times. (Trump denied the story on Tuesday, saying: “That’s more fake news.”)
* Whistleblowers “have told a congressional committee that efforts by former national security adviser Michael Flynn to transfer sensitive nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia may have violated the law, and investigators fear Trump is still considering it," NBC’s Ken Dilanian reported.
* “House and Senate Democrats say they have obtained evidence that a senior official at the Department of Education tried to oust the department’s independent watchdog after she pushed back on an attempt to interfere in an active investigation of Secretary Betsy DeVos,” per NBC’s Heidi Przybyla.

I can't end today's post with a better statement than this quote from the article:

"Any one of these stories would have dominated the news — for days and weeks — in any other administration. But in our current era, it was just Tuesday."

(Cover Photo Cred: Kevin Lamarque)

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