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Another Brief

"Virginia, Climate Change, Donald Trump: Your Thursday Briefing" - NYT

When the week gets too crowded with life and things... there is always the NYT daily briefing! I am seriously considering just getting a subscription to the New York Times and The Washington Post. Both are solid publications and both provide well-researched articles and a briefing of the day's events.

In this morning's briefing they touch on:

*Virginia - ANOTHER official (the Attorney General) has come forward admitting to wearing blackface in college... Stop. Just stop.

*Climate Change - We had the 4th hottest year on record... "While this planet has seen hotter days in prehistoric times, and colder ones in the modern era, what sets recent warming apart in the sweep of geologic time is the relatively sudden rise in temperatures and its clear correlation with increasing levels of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane produced by human activity.” 😱

*Checks & Balances - House democrats vow to do their job! I am so very excited to see what a functioning House can do for the country. "A subcommittee that is pursuing Mr. Trump’s tax returns is scheduled to hold its first meeting today, and another panel began an inquiry on Wednesday into whether Russia and other foreign powers may be influencing the president."

*ISIS - Looks like Syrian city, Baghuz, is very close to expelling their last ISIS stronghold! Certainly a win in my book! The terrorist organization is still very much functioning elsewhere in the world, but for Baghuz, ISIS is on it's way out!

There are other subject broached in the morning brief that are also very worthwhile reads! I hope you have an awesome day!

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