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Annnnd We're Back!

I picked a GREAT week to be away! WOW! I leave the country and the Mueller Report drops! SO much to discuss, but let's start with a bit of a recap!

"5 things to know for April 2: Supreme Court, immigration, Brexit" -CNN

1. Immigration - "Could President Donald Trump actually shut down the southern border? The administration is sending mixed messages."

2. Supreme Court - "The Supreme Court seems to be in the middle of a rare public feud over how the death penalty should be enforced. The justices have been bitterly divided over the execution of a Muslim inmate in Alabama, who claimed his religious rights were violated because he could not have an imam with him in the execution chamber."

3. Brexit - "Time for your Brexit update: Things are still a mess! On Monday, UK members of Parliament ended up rejecting four different alternative options to Prime Minister Theresa May's unpopular Brexit plan. The options included two proposals to keep Britain in a customs union with the European Union that narrowly missed out on a majority."

4. Brunei - "It is a tumultuous time for human rights in Brunei, a tiny nation on the island of Borneo in the South China Sea. Tomorrow, a new law goes into effect that will punish adultery and homosexual sex with death by stoning." This makes my heart hurt. 💔

5. Algeria - "Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika is going to step down just a few weeks before his term expires on April 28th. The announcement comes after weeks of protests and calls for the 82-year-old's resignation."


This Pod Save America episode summary: Trumpworld and the Washington media make sweeping conclusions over a report they’ve never seen, Democrats pivot to health care after the Trump Administration declines to defend the Affordable Care Act in court, and Democrats work to counter Trump’s 2020 message that they’re radical extremists. Then Andrew Gillum talks to Dan about his new effort to register voters in Florida and turn the state blue in 2020.

Episode Here > Pod Save America: Peak stupid <

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