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"Trump Met Putin Without Staff or Note Takers Present — Again" - Vox

If you’re a US president, it’s probably not a great idea to meet with a foreign leader who meddled in your country’s elections without some way to record what’s being discussed.
But that’s just what President Donald Trump apparently did — again.

Uh... yeah... CAN WE PLEASE ARREST HIM FOR TREASON NOW?! It is SO very obvious that he has and is currently trying to collude with Russia. He's not even trying to hide it. Crimes in the public eye are still crimes, despite what we are all used to in most other situations (crimes behind closed doors, done is secret.) That has been DJT's biggest helper, our perception of illegal behavior. We're so conditioned to believe that if you do something wrong, there's a certain shame to having committed that wrongful act. So when someone does something treasonous out in the open... we rationalize that it must not be as bad as we think. When is comes to this President IT. IS.

I also wanted to touch on the fact that the shutdown has temporarily ended! 🎉Great for the federal workers and agencies that were suffering... but I'm hearing that it's likely to happen again very soon and/or DJT is planning on declaring a state of emergency to allocate military funds to build this useless wall. AGHHHH! 😡 One of my (many) questions is.... WHERE is this money when we're talking about universal healthcare or universal education?! My other questions are - HOW can the president declare a state of emergency when there is NO emergency present?! AGHHHHH!

(Cover Photo Cred: Chris McGrath)

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