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A Bit of a Brief!

"POLITICO Playbook: Ryan says Trump can be beat in 2020, Pelosi on impeachment and the DCCC’s big money night" - Politico

Today there are a few important topics to touch on. This Politico brief is a nice quick look at a few of those subjects:

*Paul Ryan- He discusses what he believes will beat Trump in 2020

*Nancy Pelosi- Puts her foot down about not recommending impeachment.

*Vicky Ward- Has a new book out "Kushner, Inc." about Jared and Ivanka's rise to extraordinary power in the White House. "She portrays Ms. Trump and Mr. Kushner as two children forged by their domineering fathers..."

*Dick Cheney- "Grills Pence on Trump foreign Policy" "[He] questioned whether Trump places enough value on the findings of the intelligence community, which he has repeatedly and publicly dismissed."

*House Democrats- "...are still drafting a budget, which would offer their first chance as a new majority to formally outline their broader agenda. But the resolution — which is purely a political messaging document and is not signed into law — would also stoke major ideological clashes within the caucus over Medicare for All, the Green New Deal and defense spending.”

and more...

In the above article there are links to more information about each topic as well as a super short podcast briefly talking through each headline!!

Have an awesome Tuesday!

PS: An extra special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my main squeeze, Brian!!! 🎉

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